Intuition to Innovation: Aero-static Dome

During Milan Design Week, and on the occasion of the launch of the Kobe 9 Elite Low HTM and Magista boot, both characterized by Flyknit engineered construction, Nike has decided to partner with Taiwanese innovator and architect Arthur Huang.

Exploring the biomimicry inherent to Nike Flyknit, Huang’s Aero-static Dome – installed within the charming courtyard of Palazzo Clerici – is a structure that exhibits zero compressive elements. The construction utilizes the laws of nature, rather than fighting them—just as Flyknit channels the pressure of moving feet to activate support.

Inspired by the aerodynamics of a triangular parachute and the tetrahedron kite, the Aero-static Dome captures the force and resistance of the wind. By efficiently harnessing this power, Huang has created a structure that is solely supported by buoyancy making it the lightest structure of its magnitude.

Sartoria was happy to assure the overall creative direction of the project and thus, make this exciting partnership between Huang and Nike happen. Needless to say, we also supervised the execution, to make sure that everything was in its place.