Against My Killer

Sinv_ wanted a brand statement to accompany the 2006/2007 “Against My Killer” collection. “Against My Killer” – in the designer’s own words – “is first of all a philosophy: stop and think of the negative feats of the past, then push out and grab the future. Killers are the bad experiences, the faults, the conventions”.

Sartoria asked photography legend Duane Michals to tell a photographic story where bad experiences and conventions are courageously braved and in the end, defeated. The story is a tale of desire, that recalls the athmospheres of Pasolini’s Teorema (by the way, Michals’ portrait of the filmmaker is one of his best). A mature man surrenders to the wave of desire ignited by an androgynous boy. The man follows him everywhere, until the last frame where the much soght-after physical proximity means sudden mental distance.

Duane Michals is one of the highest influentials in american avant-garde. Michals’s work belongs to the permanent collections of the worlds’ major museums. He recently exhibited at: MoMA, New York; Odakyu Museum, Tokyo; National Gallery of Canada, Ontario; Centre Pompidou, Parigi; International Center of Photography, New York.

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