Art & Genealogy of Speed

Speed has been a part of Nike’s DNA from the beginning, its designers exploring daily the physics, mechanics and geometry of speed-as well as speed’s psychology and aesthetics.

With “Art of Speed” Nike sought an outside perspective, asking prominent, independent digital artists to create their own visions of speed through a “Nike lens”. The artists participating were: KDLab, Honest, Stiletto NYC, Stefan Nadelman, Saiman Chow and Han Lee, Greg Brunkalla, NE-O, David Ahuja, Justin Harder, Joel Lava, Friendswithyou, Associates in Science, Tronic Studio, Bionic Systems, Yugo Nakamura.

At the same time, Nike has dug into its archives, interviewed designers and uncovered its family history with the “Genealogy of Speed” retrospective. It showcased the concepts behind Nike’s performance products and their influences on other gear.

Sartoria was given the opportunity to translate the Speed concept into an exhibition space in Milan, and illustrate and preserve both the Brand rich history and these recent contributions with the “Art & Genealogy of Speed” books.

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Art of Speed & Genealogy of Speed Books
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Art of Speed / Genealogy of Speed Books
dimensions: 28x28 cm
pages: 96 / copies: 2004