Bleed Your Colors by Oliviero Toscani

In 2010 Sartoria has been asked to produce and coordinate the Bleed Your Colors campaign for Nike Italy. The technique? All right. Physical strength? Perfect. The tactical intelligence? Sure. But to get to the top of the world, and especially to succeed against all odds, you must have heart, skill, cunning, creativity. Then, one has to put the soul.

All these features were mixed, twisted and then were captured by a camera. Snapshots of shameless souls. Unpredictables. Multi-faceted and colorful. Here then Cannavaro, Gattuso, Gilardino, Materazzi, Pirlo and Zambrotta as you have never seen them: ironic and funny, ready to live to the full the color of their jerseys. Souls than an unconventional photographer as Oliviero Toscani was able to portrait at their best.

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Bleed Your Colors photographs by Oliviero Toscani