In 1982, a section of a community sports center in Modena was transformed into a non-stop cultural happening. The venue became known as Graffio.

Several members of Sartoria were directily involved with its musical and theatrical program, one that set a new standard for clubs in Emilia Romagna and Northern Italy.

New breeds of cultural activists kept the place very much alive throughout the years, periodically changing the name of the venue (at the time it was called “More”).

In the year 2000, the future of the venue became very uncertain. The city council, who owns the place, planned to use it for something else and was about to revoke the club’s licence.

Memebers of Sartoria felt that something had to be done to ensure that those walls would continue to stand. To enclose, entertain and inspire upcoming generations. So we invited Delta, Futura and Mode2 to act upon the walls, and to defend them with their talent.

Each one brought his specific style to the table, ideas were discussed, and the work began.
Sartoria made sure that the guys were well fed and that cameras would be rolling at all times.

We documented the whole creation and edited the master into a website, a special limited edition package with a dvd and three t-shirts, one for each artists. The package was designed by french artist Gilles Cenazandotti.

Time Frame
Communication Items
A Club Called MORE Installation
DEFUMO Website
Tech Specs
DeFuMo Package
dimensions: 30,5x30x16 cm
materials: screenprinted cardboard