H.P. Book

In 2009, Sartoria decided to celebrate with a comprehensive monograph Harry Peccinotti, the master of the image that best expressed the open-mindedness of the late 60’s. Fashion photographer, graphic designer and all round artist, his prolific work strongly influenced the fashion and collective imagination of the day.

Notoriously, women lie at the heart of his creative work. Therefore, both as objects of desire and as liberated leaders of an unstoppable sexual revolution, women are the undisputable protagonists of this book. But they are not alone.

This monograph also takes into account his work as graphic designer: page-proofs, book-jackets and album covers created by Peccinotti in the space of about forty years. From his art direction of Nova – one of the most influential 60’s magazines which introduced epoch-making changes in formats and photo editing – to the restyling of the French daily Le Matin in the 1970’s.

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Harri Peccinotti Monograph
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H.P. Book
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