Ginga & Joga Bonito

Ginga is the rhythm and art of movement, while Joga Bonito simply means play beautiful. Ginga and Joga Bonito is a story that took place all over the world, but lived in the hearts of those who love football: 2006 World Cup in Germany.

With Nike we tried to convey the voice and the soul of the game through two limited edition hardcover books, with contributions from São Paulo artists Os Gemeos, Fernando Meirelles and O2 Filmes with the film “Ginga: The Soul of Brasilian Football”, Dj Gilles Peterson, images and essays on the Brasil National Team, sport culture, art, music and the players themselves.

A touring exhibition that landed in Milan, London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Los Angeles, a tribute to Brasil, its culture, its people and their inexhaustible desire to play.

Time Frame
2005, 2006
Communication Items
Joga Bonito Bookzine
Joga Bonito Berlin Event
Joga Bonito Berlin Installation
Joga Bonito Berlin Invitation
Ginga Bookzine
Ginga Events (Milan, London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Los Angeles)
Tech Specs
Joga Bonito I
pack dimensions: 26,5x26,5x26,5 cm
contents - Nike Ball, Joga Bola 10" vinyl, Bookzine
Bookzine dimensions: 25,5x25,5 cm / pages: 122 / copies: 2006

Joga Bonito II
pack dimensions: 28x28x6 cm
contents - 11 Bearbrick toys, Joga Bola remix 10" vinyl, Bookzine
Bookzine dimensions: 25,5x25,5 cm / pages: 112 / copies: 2006