Lee Make History

Right from the start in January 2007 the Lee “Make History” campaign represented a new approach to the way a brand interacts with the consumer. Rather than speaking through the disembodied voice of the PR machine, Sartoria advised Lee to set out and open a real dialogue, not only with its customers but among them, empowering people to come to grips with their own history and redefine their own world.

Sartoria and Lee opted for photography as a highly accessible medium, one that crosses social, cultural and linguistic divides while providing a vast range of outlooks on the world. “Make History” web contest effectively spawned a new channel of communication, attracting users of all ages and from all walks of life.

The First Edition international jury: Veronique Kolasa (Le Book), Frank Kalero (Ojo de Pez) and Terry Jones (i-D Magazine) announced the winner on February 25, 2009. That same day an event was held at 10 Corso Como, Milan, enriched by an instant gallery and a book featuring the 101 shortlisted picture stories.

The Second Edition panel Arianna Rinaldo (Ojo de Pez), Terry Jones (i-D Magazine) and Alex Wiederin (Vogue Hommes International) announced the winner on September 24, 2010. Shortly after that an event and an exhibition was held at Foro Boario in Modena.

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