Project Slam (P.S.)

Sartoria has been by Slam Jam’s side since the beginning, committed in the search for developing a brand image – and consequently nurturing a target consumer – focused on living a creative¬†life. Through the years, Sartoria has worked on several integrated communication projects, such as P.S. project.

Project Slam (P.S.) is an ongoing series of exhibitions curated by Slam Jam for the public. P.S. has been created especially for young people with an active interest in urban culture, graffiti art, music alternatives and skateboarding.

The exhibitions and the accompanying booklets reflect Slam Jam’s relentless choice to discover iconic images and legendary brands through direct relationship with the extraordinary people – artists, musicians, designers, skaters and friends – who re-invented the world before our eyes.

Time Frame
2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010
Communication Items
Delta Exhibition (Ferrara), March 2004
Futura Exhibition (Ferrara), September 2004
Boogie Exhibition (Milan), October 2006
Kostas Seremetis Exhibition (Milan), February 2006
Shawn Mortensen Exhibition (Verona), October 2007
Misha and Shauna (P.A.M.) Exhibition, March 2008
Antoine Le Grand Exhibition (Milan), April 2010
Project SlamJam Exhibition Catalogues