PalaTelecom was a huge promotional structure conceived by Telecom Italia in year 2000, a travelling citadel touring eight italian cities, where guests could have first hand experience of the latest in “broadband edutainment”, attend to seminars and shows, try out high speed Internet access.

Designed in collaboration with artist Gilles Cenazandotti the first PalaTelecom book is a modular structure whose cover can be constructed piece by piece to resemble the PalaTelecom itself, or to create a dynamic range of playful and abstract forms and shapes.

Time Frame
Communication Items
Palatelecom Packaging
Palatelecom Book
Tech Specs
PalaTelecom Package
dimensions: 23,5x23,5x23,5 cm
materials: laser-cut cardboard pack

PalaTelecom Book
dimensions: 22,5x22,5 cm
pages: 182 / copies: 1000