Search for Art

Mandarina Duck’s target is made of very creative people, accustomed to minding their own business. Contemporary art is part of their business, so Sartoria decided to offer them a very big load.

But where is art? Outside gallery spaces. Search for Art challenge was founded on an idea, rather than on an aesthetic or conceptual premise. The idea was quite simple: inspire artists to continue their practice as artists.

Search for Art has been a sort of a treasure hunt. The opportunity to encounter unfamiliar artists, new artworks, challenging ideas and images. Our own belvedere on the global art world (comprising photography, installation, sculpture, design, painting, new media) not the sampling of a specific trend in art but a world-wide excursus.

Among thousands of submissions to browse the international panel,¬†Anne Pasternak (director of Creative Time, NYC), Klaus Biesenbach (director of Kunst-werke, Belin), Danilo Eccher (director of Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Bologna), Charlotte Cotton (curator of photography at Victoria and Albert Museum, London), Rosina Gomez-Baeza (director of Arco, Madrid), Jerome Sans (co-director of Palais de Tokyo, Paris).¬†selected 22 finalists to participate in the Search for Art Exhibition in Area Bovisa, Milan.

Time Frame
1998 - 2000
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