The iAM1 Journey

In 2009 Sartoria set out with photographer Paolo Novelli on a quest to make visible the best creative hotspots across Europe, through the eyes of local creative minds. The end result is a journey as fascinating as complex, that spawned many different outputs, so much more that static portraits of people who share a common passion for Nike’s Air Max I.

The iAM1 Journey is an experiment in interactive storytelling through tilt-shift photography, a tribute to an iconic product, to his roots and legacy. A concept that went beyond the digital realm, with ramifications at retail level, vinyl releases and state of the art executions.

Alioscia, Luca Barcellona, Davide Santon
Dj Kleopatra J, Andrea Schilirò, Pig Magazine
Lily Lin, Jasper Uhl, Sabrina Dehoff
Barbara Körmendi, David Fischer
Charlie Dark, Goldielocks, Benedict Radcliffe
Insa, Protein®
Romain Corvez, Clark Magazine, Koko Von Napoo
Jay Smith, Alban Teurlai
Nalden, Hotel, Minibar
Momkai, La Melodia

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