White Dunk

“Of all the many shoe presentations, nothing could quite beat Nike’s exhibition of art installations by 25 Japanese creative talents challenged to use the iconic all-white Dunk sneaker as inspiration. Don’t think of a felt-tip pen customizing an old pair of sneakers even if Katsuya Terada created graphic black and white illustrations on a shoe. The exhibition in the Palais de Tokyo showed other ideas that were more fantastical, including sneakers sunk into techno equipment or worn by an interpretation of the winged goddess Nike. That was proof that sneakers are now part of fashion’s religion.”
Suzy Menkes, fashion editor of the International Herald Tribune.
Copyright © 2003 The International Herald Tribune

White Dunk has shown unlimited ways of seeing one object. An unconventional canvas – the Nike Dunk – in the hands of 25 highly talented Japanese artists (selected by Nike C.E.O. Mark Parker) and the results framed into three eclectic exhibitions whose echoes still resonate today.

Sartoria is proud of having concocted, designed and produced all three, creating the set-ups from scratch to furniture, and in the case of Tokyo – to the whole building.

Paris, October 8th 2003, at the Palais de Tokyo Contemporary Art Center
Tokyo, January 17th 2004, at the “Shoebox” in Minami Aoyama
Los Angeles, September 8th 2005, at LACE Galleries in Hollywood Boulevard

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2003, 2004, 2005
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