Zvezdochka by Solve Sundsbo

Zvezdochka is a project by Nike and Marc Newson that pushed the boundaries of design and technology, the next step in the evolution of modular design, a shoe with interlocking parts and multi-functional combinations.

Zvezdochka is the name of one of the early space dogs sent into orbit by the Russian Space team in 1961, and Marc Newson’s fascination with space travel and the workout activities of the cosmonauts in space led to the original concept for the shoe.

To express the concepts of modularity and customization Sartoria proposed to work with photographer and digital artist Sølve Sundsbø, who took the same Zero-G challenge and created a series of digital paintings, coupled with an evolutionary short movie, to reflect the constant interchangeability and adaptability of the shoe.

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Zvezdochka press-kit and DVD-ROM
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Zvezdochka photography by Sølve Sundsbø